Prevention Measures

Epidemic prevention and safety measures in conference rooms

In addition to holding plenary meetings in large conference rooms, smaller rooms or group seminar rooms, rest areas, etc. can also be leveraged. Epidemic prevention signs and clearly marked pedestrian routes must be obvious in such areas.

Maintain Social Distancing between Podium and Audience Seats

It is suggested to keep 1 to 2 meters of distance between speakers and participants.

Indoor Layout I

Indoor Layout II

The theater-style layout is similar to that of the classroom-style layout, with participants sitting in rows facing the same direction. It is suggested to arrange the layout with 2 meters of distance between the speakers and participants, as well as 1.5 meters of social distancing between a seat and those around it.

Indoor Layout III
Round Tables

When organizing a round table meeting, the round table should be placed about two meters away from the stage with 5 seats (the diameter of the round table should exceed 2 meters). All participants are required to wear masks during the discussion.

Indoor Layout IV
Dining Reception

A reception-type meeting allows great interaction among participants. However, it is also one of the higher risk meeting formats with as participants must remove their masks for dining. To strike a balance between dining and epidemic prevention, it is suggested to maintain social distancing in the seating arrangement, and talking while eating should be avoided. In addition, if an interactive area is arranged, participants should maintain social distancing and wear masks while conversing.